1 Bash
2 Hammer of the Ancients
3 Cleave
4 Ground Stomp
5 Rend
6 Clobber
7 Rolling Thunder
8 Leap
9 Ancient Spear Rupture
10 Pound of Flesh Ruthless
11 Frenzy Ravage
12 Seismic Slam Deafening Crash
13 Revenge Nerves Of Steel Onslaught
14 Weapon Throw Iron Impact
15 Smash Grappling Hooks
16 Sprint Weapons Master
17 Threatening Shout Sidearm
18 Reaping Swing Wrenching Smash Stagger
19 Earthquake Blood Lust Vengeance Is Mine
20 Whirlwind Berserker Rage Inspiring Presence
21 Furious Charge Launch Mighty Throw
22 Battle Rage Ignore Pain Triumph
23 Skirmish Rush Intimidate
24 Bloodthirst Giant's Stride Dust Devils
25 Call of the Ancients Shattered Ground Best Served Cold Ricochet
26 Overpower Punish Marauder's Rage Bravado
27 Animosity The Devil's Anvil Battering Ram
28 War Cry Trembling Stomp Falter
29 Run Like the Wind Chilling Earth Hurricane Storm of Steel
30 Wrath of the Berserker Superstition Tough as Nails Scattering Blast
31 Ferocity Iron Hide The Council Rises
32 Toppling Impact Dread Spear Hardened Wrath
33 Lacerate Throwing Hammer Merciless Assault
34 Vanguard Killing Spree
35 No Escape Rumble Charge!
36 Retribution Ignorance is Bliss Arreat's Wail
37 Grim Harvest Blood Funnel Duty to the Clan
38 Marathon Stamina Swords to Ploughshares
39 Thunderstrike Harpoon The Mountain's Call
40 Relentless Foot of the Mountain Insanity
41 Grudge Invigorate
42 Stupefy Crushing Advance
43 Demoralize Mob Rule
44 Instigation Call of Arreat Wind Shear
45 Brawler Mutilate Korlic's Might
46 Gangway Into the Fray Slaughter
47 Broad Sweep Bull Rush
48 Strength from Earth Momentum
49 Rage Flip Veteran's Warning
50 Juggernaut Aftershocks
51 Smite Madawc's Madness
52 Pulverize Provocation Striding Giant
53 Birthright Forced March
54 Avalanche Dread Bomb Bloodshed
55 Unforgiving Gathering Storm
56 Bloodbath Path of Fire Dreadnought
57 Cracking Rift Terrify
58 Contempt for Weakness Talic's Anger
59 Maniac Volcanic Eruption Revel
60 Boon of Bul-Kathos Death from Above Impunity Thrive on Chaos