Poppy Playtime is a horror adventure game in which we must survive in an abandoned toy factory filled with terrifying and dangerous creatures.

A haunted toy factory is the ideal setting for a horror story. This is the setting for Poppy Playtime, a first-person adventure game in which we must navigate the factory while avoiding the creatures that lurk in the shadows, similar to games like Five Nights at Freddy's.

Explore a sinister abandoned toy factory.
The MOB Games studio's game successfully creates an atmosphere of horror, fear, and anxiety in a toy factory where players are surrounded by abandoned dolls that come to life. Your mission is to assist an ex-employee who returns to the factory to investigate why everyone who worked there has vanished.

The action takes place in the first person, and you must not only avoid danger but also solve a variety of puzzles. However, not all of the toys are hostile, and some can be used to protect us from the threat posed by Huggy Wuggy, the sinister soft toy at the helm of this horde of living dolls.

The game is being released in chapters and is becoming a bit of a hit, as well as receiving a lot of positive feedback on platforms like Steam. So, if you enjoy a good scare, don't hesitate to download and play poppy playtime free for PC.