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    Hi guys, I am looking for editors. Can someone tell me how I can get the best help fo

    Hi, as I also used assignment editing services for university assignments, I will tell you that you should first consider the important constraints of the assignment. Is the assignment a book or an essay that you need to be assigned for a week, or is it an ongoing blog or article writing for any website? The person or company you are going to hire will require you to know your deadline. Are you expecting the assignment to be returned in hours, days, or weeks? Will it be delivered and returned, all as soon as done or from time to time?Secondly, decide how you will reward the editor. Will you pay by the hours, days or weekly, by the project or by the page? Normally editors work at an hourly rate, which is the fair and the most efficient because it allows your assignment editor online to do his best work. You can, of course, agree on a top on how many hours the editor is allowed to work on your assignment.
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