Respawn Entertainment has revealed that Apex Legends Season 11 will be named Escape, as will the next new character coming to the game. The latest video released titled Outlands reveals that Ash, the first simulated pilot seen in Titanfall 2, will be a new Simulacrums character, a robot with the same mechanics and mind as the previous character, Revenant. A new submachine gun is coming to Apex. Legends Season 11 and Respawn also announced that the Season 11 trailer will launch on October 21st. After two seasons of Arenas opened, Ash has entered the game for players to experience.

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Ash, a scientist at the Robot Research and Manufacturing Center in Titanfall 2, will be a new Simulacrums character, a cyborg with the same mechanics and mind as his predecessor, Revenant in Apex Legends, as confirmed in a new video from Apex Legends. Stories from the Outlands - “Ashes to Ash” posted today.

For the past week, the Apex Legends Twitter account revealed a trilogy of comics highlighting the character of Horizon, which will see our Scottish space mother attempting to awaken "Ash" believing she is a lost friend. long lost Unfortunately, Ash is replaced by Dr. Reid, the aide who threw her into a black hole. In this video, we see Dr.Reid's transformation into Simulacrum Ash, and the long internal struggle as the two vie for shape control. their We saw her history with Horizon's son Newton, her plugging and rebuilding from Pathfinder, and she was ultimately crushed by the BT-7274 in Titanfall 2's campaign.