How newly-engaged Suthasini kept her relationship a secret for 7 years

When Suthasini Rajenderan shared the news via social media that she was engaged to be married, her friends reacted with, “‘You know what? I think I can trust you. I think I can tell you secrets’,” she recounted.

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That’s because even her parents didn’t know that she’d been dating fellow singer Vishnu Balaji for seven years.

In the latest episode of CNA Lifestyle’s podcast series Pyjama Party For 2, the 31-year-old told us she kept the relationship a secret from them because she didn’t want to get their hopes up before she knew it was a sure thing.

“The point you say, ‘I'm dating someone’, the next question will be, ‘When are you getting married?’” she chuckled. “And I wasn't ready for that question. I wasn't ready for marriage, because your 20s is all about exploring your (career and personal) options, right? We both decided to keep it down low and continue dating, but at the same time, focus on each other's growth.”

She continued: “The challenge was to keep it on the down low, because we both are public figures. And when we're hanging out, there are (members of the) public who come and observe, or come and talk to us.”

Fortunately, it was easy to look like two colleagues just grabbing a drink or meal after a rehearsal.

“We got away with that for seven long years, I would say!”

And when the couple finally came clean to their parents in May this year, they “were out of control. They started creating a group chat. They invited each other over. And then now they're like, intertwined.”

In fact, she revealed, her mum had been hoping she’d get together with Vishnu all along.

“We’ve known each other since we were kids, because we always sing together. 2014 is when we actually connected, through music, through a television show,” Suthasini shared.

“And my mum always hinted back in the day, ‘If you're dating someone, just let me know. People do say that maybe you and Vishnu – if it's Vishnu, I'm really okay.’ I would just keep quiet and pretend I didn't hear!”