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    AI: Would you let the robot be your lawyer?

    Your next lawyer could be a robot. This statement may Ifสล็อต wallet เครดิตฟรีyou don't install the latest application of 2021, you can play Slotxo through your mobile browser. by going to the websiteWe have prepared a way to play slots games for you. Just scroll up to the top of our website. You will find a window on each page, whether it's an application channel, access channel, contact channel, and other channels. You can log in to use immediately. If you're using an iPhone, you can access it via safari browser as well. very easy to use It's also super convenient. sound improbable. But in reality, artificial intelligence (AI) software systems, which are computer programs that can update and "think" by themselves, are increasingly being used in legal circles today.

    Joshua Browder calls his DoNotPay app "the world's first lawyer robot."

    This app allows users to draft legal documents. Just tell the chatbot that What problems arise, such as appealing the parking fine? Then it is suggested that What is the most appropriate legal language to use?

    “People can type their arguments in their own words. And then this software, with a machine learning model, will match that speech with the correct legal way of speaking,” he said.

    A 24-year-old man and his company are based in Silicon Valley. US state of California But the company's origins were founded in London in 2015, when Mr Browder was 18.

    Joshua Browder develops DoNotPay to solve his own parking ticket problem.

    “As a late teen in Hendon, north London. I drive very badly,” he said. “I got a very expensive parking fine. which I can't pay because I'm still in high school.”

    After researching and exercising the right to free access to information Mr. Browder stated that He has found the best way to appeal fines. "If you know what to say You may save a lot of time and money.”

    instead of copying and pasting the same document each time. which he said seemed to be "Perfect work for software," so he spent a few weeks creating the first version of DoNotPay in 2015 "to impress my family."

    Since then, the app This also has an increasing number of users across the UK and US. Now, it may help you write a letter that deals with a variety of issues. including insurance claims, tourist visa applications, complaints letter to shops or local authorities, requesting a refund of expenses for vacation but did not go. or canceling a gym membership The latter two stories were heavily used during the coronavirus pandemic.

    DoNotPay currently has 150,000 paid users to get it, although there are those who oppose the app, with some saying Legal advice isn't accurate enough, but last year, the app was awarded an award from the American Bar Association for its increasing use of the law.

    Mr Browder claims the overall success rate is 80%. dropped to 65% because "some people make mistakes"

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    really robot? XD Maybe sb knows where i can find good lawyer for my car accident

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    Just recently I was cut off on the highway and my car was swept off the road. I got a lot of fractures because of that. The car was also almost completely crushed. I was lucky to be alive that day. For a long time I tried to get a refund from the guy who hit me, but nothing worked. So I decided to find kansas city car accident lawyers. And I was lucky enough to come across them online at https://www.royceinjurylawyers.com/personal-injury/car-accidents/ . It was my first time using their services, but they had good reviews, which gave me confidence. After a while, I realized that I was very lucky to have come across them. They helped me pretty quickly by getting me full payment from the person who cut me off. I was happy. I recommend them.

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