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    3D printing business

    I think 3D printing is so promising. You can start a small business with it and even a huge enterprise. After all, there are many examples of the construction of buildings with 3D printers.
    Would you start a business with this technology?
    I myself print different toys and sell them but not on a regular basis but I want to approach this more serious.

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    It seems to me that first we need to make a 2D printer that works NORMALLY

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    I can't put my mind to it when people everywhere started using 3d printers... Even 10 years ago, there was no such wonderwaffle in sight. I still can't figure out the toners for brother, even though I buy them cheaper at https://www.mrdepot.ca/products/brot...-l2540dw-toner. However, it eats a lot of ink. How do you save plastic?

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