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    CyberGames Network Guide

    Download Client File and install it to your computer.

    Register Your Account and Verify Username & Password via Email.
    Note : Citizen ID is your personal ID in your country. (for help protect your account & password)

    Login with your ID and Password.

    Choose your country server and select channel.

    Friend Commands

    - Whisper to all friends : /f m <msg>
    - Add Friend : /f add <friend name> or Right click at your friend -> Add to Friends
    - Deletel Friend : /f del <friend name> or Right click at your friend -> Remove from Friends

    Clan Commands

    - Create Clan : /clan cre clanname
    - Leave Clan : /clan leave
    - Invite Player : /clan invite playername
    - Delete Player : /clan del playername
    - Promote player : /clan promote playername
    - Demote player : /clan demote playername
    - Destroy Clan : /clan destroy (must delete all member in clan first)

    Note : Only Platinum Member can use clan commands.

    Click "Start Game" button to start your game.

    Go to Local Area Network

    Select your game room to join the game or use Ghost++ to create the game

    Forward Port

    - If your router doesn't have forward port menu or port triggering menu. You can choose option -> setting -> Use server to create the game
    then you can create and join game (also in same lan).

    Lan Games Channel.

    - Login to Channel Lan games Zone

    - System will ask for install Cybergames Network lan driver for first time.

    - Install this driver software anyway.

    - System will tell your Lan IP 10.0.0.xx after joined channel.

    - Then you can play all lan games with your friends.
    Example : Blur, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, Diablo II, Starcraft, Half-life, Battlefield, Age of Empires, Redalert,
    Call of Duty, Portal 2, Hawk, Meteor, Killing Floor, Worm, Company of Heroes, Titan Quest, Dungeon Siege, Street Fighter IV, FIFA, Need for Speed etc.

    Note : Please allow Cybergames Network in your antivirus & firewall settings first.

    Any questions & suggestions please feel free to ask here.
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