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27-08-2010, 04:35 PM
คิดไว้แต่ไม่ได้เอามาใช้จริงใน IS2
ตอนนี้โปรเจคโดน SC2 ปิดกลบไปเรียบร้อย


Angelic Alliance
Divine Sword
+25% max life.
+Set 7 mastery point to 255.
+Unlock Spell: Sword of Radiance
Does 2.5 damage to nearby enemy for each point of your mastery.

+100% damage for each of your primary attribute that is over 200.
+Your damage will not below 200 when your hero level is max.
+5% chance to destroy random equipment of your opponent when you attack.
+300 bonus damage vs structure, armor is ignorance.

Alternia's Will
Archbishop Garb
+20 life when use.
+40 mana when use.
+300 life when cast a spell.
+3% chance to restore all mana when you cast ultimate spell.
+150% to passive skill.
Alternia Only

Dimentional Lance
+Enhanced your damage to 276% for 5 seconds if you put this item in slot 6.
+150 damage when you fight vs str hero.
+100 damage when you fight vs agi hero.
+300 damage when you fight vs int hero.
+.7 bonus damage for each of your life that are not full.

Echics Book
+5% mana regeneration for each point of int and str that are different.
+2% life regeneration for each point of str and int that are different.
+7 to damage for every 3 agility.

Terra Book
+Gain 300 life when you drop this item.
+Gain 500 mana when you equip this item.
+300% life/mana regeneration bonus while standing still.
+Damage taken will not goes over 150.

Thor Hammer
+1~133 lightning damage.
-30% cooldown to all skill. (Thor Only)
-50% mana cost to all skill. (Thor Only)
+30% damage/effective to all skill. (Thor Only)
+1% chance to burns all mana of enemy unit when you attacking.

Mythical Sword
+133 to str.
+70 to agi.
+255 to int.
+90% enhanced damage.
+35% cleaving attack (Melee)
+50% attack speed.
+.3 bonus damage for each of your enemy hp that is below 1000.

Nuclear Cartridges
Artillery Caliber
+10 to all attribute for each 30 base attribute. (10 Max)
+1200 life.
+700 mana
Nuclear Missile: (Active)
Does 1000 damage in large area effect.
+2000 vs normal unit.
-250 vs titan unit.
-750 vs hero unit.

+88 damage.
+95% attack speed.
+Always hit, do critical damage.
Shooting Master:
-150 damage, +3% attack speed for each of your damage that is reduced.
Duration 5 seconds.

Immortal King
Sacred Crown
+5 to all skill level.(Conqueror Emperor Only)
-500 mana.
+3500 life.
Cannot be drop.
+Deals 3000 damage to nearby enemy when you die.

Arcane Glory
Vertex Orb
+5 life regeneration per second for every 2% of your remaing mana.
+10% chance to restores one third of your mana when you cast a spell.
+Absorb 25% damage to life.
+160 splash damage. (Forgotten Sorceror Only)

Berserker' Call
+121 bonus damage after you land using Leap Attack.
+50 bonus armor after you land using Leap Attack.
+10% base chance to whirlwind.
+80 move rate.
+40% increased attack speed.

Hell Judgement
Devil Colossus Sword
+0.9% change to reduces all nearby enemy life by one four when you attack.
+.25 bonus damage for every point of your attribute.
+50 damage vs normal unit.
+80 damage vs titan unit.
+120 damage vs hero unit.
+1% chance to kill your opponent instantly when you attack. (Excepted Hero)

Vampirefang Claw
+110% attack speed.
+300 movement speed.
+25% base chance to Destroy Spirit skill.
+60% life steal

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ขอรับไว้นะครับ ถ้านำไปใช้จะลง เครดิตให้นะครับ