Winter: 'I wish there were organisations like Mineski in Malaysia'

Razer Invitational, Malaysia: Winter, Yamateh, Ice, Mushi, xTinct
(Photo by GosuGamers)

Having just won the Razer Invitational Showcase and GEST last weekend, Orange are arguably at the top of both competitive SEA DotA and Dota 2. Yet, a new wave of competition awaits them at this weekend's ProDota 2 League and Gigabyte Dota Masters. Speaking up on behalf of the team in a GosuGamers exclusive is Litt-Bin "Winter" Chan.

How is the team feeling right now? Is there any secret resolution that the five of you made for this year that we don't know about?
-"We feel great, but we just lost to MSIEvoGT [when this interview was conducted, see match]. If I may digress a little, they used an Omni Knight and Obsidian Destroyer against our Necromonicons - Obsidian Destroyer dealt insane damage and took none against the summons. *laughs* We should have bought a Diffusal Blade on our team - that would have messed up many of their early fights. They just went out of control after that.

I guess our 'secret resolution' would mainly be team bonding. We want to spend as much time doing activities to enhance our chemistry - we want to catch a movie together, go to trips together, eat together, sleep together.. *grins*

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